FOR churches
    & faith communities

    Proclaim your faith proudly by representing your spiritual community online.

    Belief is one of the most important ways you define yourself. You’re part of a spiritual community because you want to share your faith with a group of people who uphold the same values. Make it easy for others in your area to join your community by creating a professional, eye-catching website with Celect. We’ve worked with hundreds of churches to develop website designs that represent the message of their faith and offer easy paths for visitors to find the resources they need.

    Design Focus Areas

    • Eye-catching, professional design work
    • Easy ways for your audience to get around your site
    • A website that consistently represents your faith community's message.

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    for regional
    & National faiths

    Celect makes community networking simple by clearly defining how each part of your faith community connects online.

    Faith communities with national and international reach are united under a common belief system—but what if you could enrich this relationship by forming enriching personal connections with those who share your faith, no matter what the distance? By networking your churches and faith communities, your faith grows stronger as you cultivate relationships with those who share your belief.

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    Manage Your Message

    Shared pages for local church websites ensure the message of your faith stays consistent online.

    Collect Member Data

    Leverage donation outreach, engagement and networking info for all of your members.

    Discounts for Local Churches

    Give your local churches the opportunity to take advantage of big discounts on their own websites.

    Share Information Church-wide

    Syndicate faith-based news at the regional & national levels down to local groups.

    Collaborate with Local Churches

    Communicate and plan online between local churches and the regional and national offices.

    your MEMBERS

    Congregation shouldn't be limited to just at church.

    The ability to communicate online has revolutionized the way people of all ages, faiths, races and cultures touch each other’s lives on a daily basis. You can unlock that power within your community with Celect’s private social network, a free platform included when you purchase a website with us.

    Celect’s member management tools give each member the opportunity to create his/her own profile and use features like groupsforumsmessageseventsnewsfeeds and more to enhance communication and planning for ministry, charity, community activism—and anything else you can imagine. It also helps you stay in touch with church members who have moved on to other areas of the country.

    Ways to use your private social network:

    • Plan donation campaigns using forums, messages and groups.
    • Sign-up for charity events using forms.
    • Collect donatins & tithes directly through your secure payment portal.
    • Post ministry policy documents to give members easy online access to resources.
    • Share photos & videos from recent events, and upload worship music and recordings of sermons.
    • Coordinate and invite people to events.
    • Keep members updated on faith & church news.
    • Learn about new members by viewing their profiles.
    • And so much more.

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    Your site, your content—you're in control.

    Traditionally, websites have been managed by tech experts with programming and coding experience—but now you can maintain and update your own website without extensive tech expertise with Celect’s content management system (CMS). It saves your church the money, time and resources you’d otherwise have to spend on hiring someone with heavy tech experience but still gives you the opportunity to have your own website with which you can spread the message of your faith.

    • No coding, no programming—ever!
    • Drag-and-drop blocks of content to place them anywhere on the page.
    • Choose from seven unique page layouts or customize your own.
    • Click on text blocks to open an easy-to-use text editor.
    • Access your own account representative and 24/7 support resources.
    • Create "public" and "private" pages by using privacy designations.

    Everything you need to manage your own website in one cost-effective package.

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    The more you know about your members, the more enriching your connections become.

    A faith community gets closer when all your members know each other. That’s the theory behind Celect’s personal profile feature, which gives your members the ability to display useful personal information that can only be viewed by other members. Connections are much more fulfilling when you’re able to browse information like interests, careers, addresses, contact numbers and more—all from a central, secure place.

    Each Celect website comes standard with a built-in database that gives church leaders the ability to collect volunteer, ministerial and tithing information on each member. That way, you can tailor how you interact with each of your members in a much more personal, engaging way.

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    COLLECT Tithes

    Tithing and donations can extend beyond weekly worship services.

    Weekly worship services don’t always reach your entire member-base; if members of your faith community are out of town or working, they can’t always congregate in person. Members of your spiritual community understand the importance that tithing & donations have in keeping those personal belief connections alive through your church or faith community. Give them the opportunity to help outside of your usual congregation schedule with secure payment processing, a service Celect offers through our partnership with Braintree, a PCI-compliant payment processor.

    With every website, you get your own payment portal that empowers you to:

    • Collect weekly tithes quickly and efficiently.
    • Manage donation campaigns and recognize donors for their contributions.
    • Process payments for retreats and other social or charitable activities.

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