WEB DESIGN FOR businesses

    Make your business "pop" online. Choose experienced, personal web design with Celect.

    The web is home to hundreds of thousands of businesses, some of which might be your direct competitors. To stand out in a vast sea of commerce, your website should be professional, eye-catching and easy for your customers to navigate. Celect’s design & development teams have experience working with more than 2,000 organizations across the continent.

    • Drive growth by appealing to potential customers online.
    • Stand out with a website that sells your product better than the competition.
    • Accomplish more by presenting your value proposition accurately and consistently.
    • Keep customers engaged by giving them easy ways to stay in touch.
    • Publicize your own activities to boost respect for your brand in your community.
    • Organize resources so visitors can find exactly what they need easily.

    Design Focus Areas

    • Eye-catching, professional design work
    • Easy ways for your audience to get around your site
    • A website that consistently represents your organization's branding elements.

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    Staff & customer collaboration

    Engage your customers directly. Make it easy for your staff to plan and communicate online.

    Celect gives you the ability to build your own loyal community within the walls of your own website. This kind of direct engagement helps you bolster loyalty to your brand while opening simple, effective marketing channels to keep customers returning time and time again.

    On the flip side, Celect’s privacy control features open up your entire staff to a world of online collaboration and communication beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. Share documents and other media, plan in smaller groups, get feedback through forums, syndicate news to your entire staff and more with Celect’s private intranet.

    Ways to use your private social network:

    • Plan marketing strategies using forums, messages and groups.
    • Sign-up for conferences and other events using forms.
    • Process product and service orders with your own secure payment portal.
    • Post documents to give staff & customers easy online access to resources.
    • Share photos & videos that define your company.
    • Coordinate and invite people to meetings and business & networking events.
    • Keep customers & staff updated on company and industry news.
    • Learn about new customers & staffers by viewing their profiles.
    • And so much more.

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    Your site, your content—you're in control.

    Control your marketing & IT spend with an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to manage your own website—no programming experience necessary. Instead of hiring outside programmers to keep your site up-to-date, use Celect’s content management system (CMS), a quick and easy alternative to coding each website update.

    • No coding, no programming—ever!
    • Drag-and-drop blocks of content to place them anywhere on the page.
    • Choose from seven unique page layouts or customize your own.
    • Click on text blocks to open an easy-to-use text editor.
    • Access your own account representative and 24/7 support resources.
    • Create "public" and "private" pages by using privacy designations.
    • Save money, save time and never lose your message to outside programmers.

    Everything you need to manage your own website in one cost-effective package.

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    YOUR customers

    Your customers are rich in information that helps you market more effectively to your audience.

    To effectively market your product or service to your audience, you have to understand what makes them tick. Business analytics are becoming more and more crucial to the survival of your company, and Celect gives you the ability to collect useful data about your customers that drives growth and promotes better brand loyalty.

    Each Celect website comes with the ability for you, your staff and your customers to create individual user profiles where you can share information that helps you personalize your business and promote brand loyalty.

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    Sell directly
    through your site

    The simpler you make it for customers to pay, the easier it is to close leads.

    Your audience lives online whether your business offering is a product or service. Engage them early in the sales process to close more leads using secure credit card payment processing, courtesy of Celect’s partnership with PCI-compliant processing company Braintree. Every Celect website comes standard with its own payment portal that offers credit card processing at low, competitive fees.

    • Collect one-time or recurring payments through your site.
    • Build brand trust with clearly displayed Braintree badges.
    • Close more sales by making it easy for leads to sign up.

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